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Paxymer® is the green flame retardant system. It is developed for polyolefin plastics and delivered as a master batch and compound.

Paxymer® contains no persistent or CMR substances – it is completely antimony- and halogen-free. Benefits of the system include: improved fire safety and mechanical performance compared to conventional flame retardants; it is also easier to recycle and process. Paxymer® meets a number of burning standards – UL94-V0, DIN 4102, EN-61386, EN-11925, EN-13501 among others and is 100% halogen-free. Paxymer® heralds a new generation of nontoxic flame-retardants that don’t cause adverse health effects in children or adults. Our commitment is to work with the best possible technology to achieve a safe environment free of toxins.


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Paxymer @ Forum För Giftfri miljö 2020

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Introducing flame retardants

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New to flame retardants? Click here to get some backgruond and what to think about when considering flame retardants and why halogen-free make sense.
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Case stories

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Paxymer is already supplying their product to converters in different fields. Here is a summary of success stories that can give you some ideas regarding how to use our product.
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Join the Paxymer team!


Paxymer is looking for a development engineer within polymer chemistry. Read more about the position here.

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