Paxymer at Antec 2023: Unique toolkit for evaluation of flame retardants and compounds

Dr Swaraj Paul, CTO of Paxymer will give a presentation at this years Antec in Denver, CO on March 27-30th on Paxymer’s unique toolkit for testing flame retardancy.
Paxymer has developed its novel synergist for polyolefin and engineering resins based on functional polymers. The synergist works as a completely halogen-fre drip suppressant and it lowers the needed dosage of flame retardant additive. This makes materials more commercially competitive and improves their mechanical performance.
Paxymer has closely investigated the mechanisms of fire in materials and the function and interaction with flame retardants as part of its development. This has resulted in a rich library of case studies and model formulations that Paxymer has developed over the years. It has also resulted in the unique toolkit that Swaraj is now presenting. The use of analytical tools supports faster development and better comparative data, decreasing the reliance on the specific test standards and staff expertise in comparing different formulation’s performance. The toolkit relies instead on analysing materials fire behaviour using a combination of sophisticated tools.

Enables increased pace of development

Dr Swaraj Paul will introduce the work and its potential at this year’s SPE Antec meeting in Denver:
“The toolkit is a powerful tool for quantitatively looking at fire behaviour of materials. It includes several analytical methods investigating the condense and gas phases as well as the char. We see that the toolkit gives a good starting point for evaluation of fire performance, especially when the target is larger scale fire tests like the SBI or other building standards. ” says Dr Swaraj Paul. Another benefit is a reduction of time needed for sample preparation. Therefore the toolkit enables faster paced, development with better data in the screening and optimisation phases of development projects. Removing some of the more subjective parameters also allows for building up comparable fire performance databases over time.
The presentation will be on the 28th of March, Session: Composites, Polymer Modifiers and Additives (Room 1). To book a meeting to find out more about the toolkit or the unique synergist for use in polyolefin or engineering resins please get in touch.