Come meet us at FIVE

Paxymer will participate as an exhibitor on the Fires In Vehicles fair in Gothenburg the 29-30 September 2010. The conference is arranged by SP, the Swedish equivalent to UL, and will be attended by a number of Swedish and international car, truck and bus manufacturers and sub contractors as well as representatives for testing laboratories and experts. You can meet Paxymer and hear more about the only green flame retardant in booth 13. For more information visit SPs webpage or the campaign site. 

Paxymer is a unique system that has the possibility of greatly improving the safety in trucks, busses and cars. Paxymers unique burning process is designed to give the victims of a vehicle fire more time to get out and minimize their injuries. Smoke is one of the major problems and an interior built out of a material containing Paxymer will emit no toxic smoke at all. It will not contribute to further spread of flame through drops and it will minimize sanitation cost by minimizing soot. Paxymer also simplifies the extinguishing work for firefighters since they do not have to deal with any toxic substances or bi-products. All these characteristics are unique for the Paxymer system and will contribute to saving human lives in the event of a fire. Just as active extinguishing systems are an important safety measure, preventative measures such as design and material selection are other, often neglected ways to improve the safety.

Another important aspect is that Paxymer achieves them with minimal environmental impact and without further increasing the amount of persistent chemicals in our environment. Paxymer is designed to actually solve the problems of fire rather than just fulfilling the current flame retardant standards. For more information come meet us at FIVE.

Amit Paul

MD, Paxymer