[Pressrelease] Break through order for unique Swedish flame retardant solution in conduits

The Swedish flame retardant specialist Paxymer recently received the first in a series of orders for a 100% halogen-free conduit in collaboration with one of the leading European conduit suppliers. The product is 100% halogen-free, fulfills higher safety and sustainability standards than competing products in the market.

The market for conduits has long been plagued by uncertainty due to ambiguity in the standards. Legislation allows for 1500 ppm of halogen in so called halogen free product. “We have seen several suppliers claiming halogen free product only to find in analysis that there are halogens there.” Says Amit Paul, MD of Paxymer AB. “That we are able to put a competitive, 100% halogen free product on the market through this joint development effort is what we believe to be the beginning of disruptive change in the conduits market.”

One of the leading European manufacturers of conduits taking the leap and going halogen free is a sign of the times. They do so while also improving the products smoke and dripping classification. The product has passed extensive testing and user scrutiny before it was finally launched in the beginning of 2019. Sustainability and safety are at the top of the list for many large companies including construction companies. Working with halogens is therefore becoming more and more problematic.

A new standard for the conduit market

“We see this launch as the start of what we hope will be a tidal wave towards less hazardous products in our homes. We work only with halogen free products and see interest spiking in these systems.” Amit Paul continues. “The construction market is very conservative, yet we see a strong push to black listing halogenated substances in an effort to eliminate them. Our hope is of course that other conduit manufacturers will follow suit.”

About Paxymer

Paxymer AB is an innovative Swedish company marketing its only synergistic technology for halogen-free flame retardants Paxymer. The company carries its synergist, masterbatches and compounds for polyolefin materials all their products are halogen free. Paxymer AB presented at the two last AMI shows and was featured in the Compounding World review article on flame retardants last year. The product is based on functional polymers and designed for polyolefin based plastics.

“We see that our technology is bringing the gap between halogenated and halogen free.” says Amit Paul “Typically the objection with going halogen-free is that the dosage is too high which makes the products too expensive and also influence the mechanical properties too much. Our synergist lets you formulate to achieve you fire rating with lower total loading of halogen free flame retardant.”


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