Paxymer Sustainability Project of the Year at Swedish Plastics Industry Awards

Paxymer AB was awarded the prestigious award Sustainability project of the year by the Swedish plastics industry in 2018. The board selects the winner and provides a motivation. Paxymer AB was selected based on the following motivation (translated from Swedish):

”Best environment and sustainable project 2018

A project that has been developed over several years where the Company has kept pursuing their goal to decrease environmental impact of certain hazardous chemistries while achieving advantages in mechanical and processing properties in a cost efficient way. The developed family of products have shown to be fully functional replacements to endocrine disrupting and persistent conventional technology [halogenated flame retardants] that have a significant impact to the eco system.

The Sustainability Project of the Year award in 2018 goes to Paxymer AB for their halogen free flame retardant system. ”

Amit Paul, Managing director of Paxymer was at the Swedish Plastics Industry Awards and received the price.

”This was such a surprise.” says Amit after the award ceremony. ”I was later made aware of some of the other projects nominated in the category this year and it is indeed flattering to end up on top in that context. We are very proud at Paxymer and this enforces our belief in the work we do to try to find ways to combine fire safety with sustainability and performance. We also extend our thanks to the Swedish plastics association SPIF for selecting us.”

Paxymer recently returned from the US were they have been giving a lecture tour on their synergistic flame retardant products. ”Our new patent and system has received a lot of interest globally. The growth trends in the market are clear, it will be interesting to see where the next few years will leave us” Says Amit Paul MD of Paxymer.

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