Blog: GC3 Roundtables (4/4): In closing

In closing. The three main points outlined as my main take aways from the conference show tremendous potential for the industry in the near future.
– Sustainability as a compliance matter – something risk minimising – rather than merely value adding has power as a message. Can you afford not to do this? 
– Companies that truly integrate the culture of triple bottom line in its DNA, that take the long perspective and prove trustworthy over time will be better equipped to capture the opportunities in this vast product (re-)design challenge that we are facing. Being able to understand and linking the entire supply chain and communicating with stakeholders – companies able to speak languages of many tribes simultaneously if you will – are going to be winners. Ultimately, not balancing aspects of profitability, community and sustainability will get you shut out from the market. You will find your marketshare and your opportunities vanishing.
– Shifting the publics opinion on chemistry by demonstrating rather than discussing the power that chemistry has for us as a society to become truly sustainable. Thus attracting rather than repelling young talent into this business. And by addressing the monumental transformation that is about to take place in materials science and capture the the opportunities that comes with it.
What is this?
Paxymer is a company working with halogen-free flame retardants. Paxymer is a member of the GC3 start up network and Amit Paul the managing director participated in the round tables (the networks main annual event) for the first time in 2017. This series of 4 blog posts are his reflections and take aways from the conference relating to halogen free flame retardants as well as green chemistry and the future of the chemistry industry in general. To read the previous posts please press the link below.