Paxymer in Compounding World 2020

Paxymer recently got coverage in the prestigious compounding world yearly review of flame retardants. To read the full feature click here.

Here is the initial version of the text around Paxymer:

Benefits of the new HFFR-Synergist:
The main benefits in the fire scenario is reducing the flame spread, eliminating dripping and increasing gas phase availability of the P/N systems. Enabling compounders to meet fire standards with lower total level of flame retardant. This often means cost savings – sometimes up to 20% on HFFR formulations. Paxymer’s latest development has increased the thermal stability so that it can be processed at higher temperatures – up to 300°C. It is now also easier to handle and less moisture sensitive. 

Now also compatible with PA and ABS materials:

Paxymer has made preliminary trials in engineering resins and have proven compatibility and efficiency in polyamide (PA) and ABS during the year. “The trials made in engineering resins open up the potential for boosting halogen free formulations also in polar resins. We were previously focused only on polyolefin plastics but the new product is compatible more or less across resins. The benefits are similar with potential to reduce the level of P/N additive, reduce dripping and improve the char formation. The reduction of the additives has a potential to reduce total cost of formulation – something the market seems to be highly interested in.” says CEO Amit Paul

New Masterbatch formulations which self-extinguishes

Finally the company has come out with new masterbatch formulations that are aimed towards the conduit and duct markets in PP and PE. The new masterbatch can be added at low levels <10% to achieve self-extinguishing performance. Paxymer prevents burn through and eliminate or reduce burning drops when added. The masterbatch product is aimed at converters but it proves that it is possible for compounders and masterbatch producers to work with low addition level, dripping systems and still achieve high fire performance in application tests in combination with the Paxymer synergist. “These products struggle to pass UL94-V0, but in surface fire testing, preferably with higher energy flames they perform extraordinarily well even at low letdown rates.” says CEO Amit Paul.”