Paxymer CTO to speak at AMI Fire resistance in Plastics

Paxymer CTO Swaraj Paul will be giving a speech at AMI Fire resistance in plastics. The conference is the annual industry meet up held in Cologne. 

Dr Swaraj Paul will be presenting the new patent filed by Paxymer in 2016 and the interesting possibilities this gives to compounders to formulate more freely.

The main challenge for compounders working with halogen-free solutions today are the impact that these additives/fillers have on the mechanical properties and processing properties and also the price point of these additives. Paxymer allows for dosing lower amounts of the additives while maintaining the fire classification. This gives better mechanical properties and processing properties. It also allows for price reductions of up to 20%.

Paxymer 300-series which is being launched now consist of different formulations adapted to different P/N systems and also to mineral systems.

The conference attracts delegates from all of Europe active within flame retardants. It is held in Cologne on the 6-7th of December this year. Other companies that will be presenting is Kabelwerk Eupen. FRX Polymers, Polyone, Lanxess, MCA Technologies etc.

For more information on the new formulations feel free to contact us at info[at]

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