Paxymer in panel on Sustainable plastics at Subcontractor

Paxymer CEO Amit Paul will participate in a panel on sustainable plastics. Discussing what the industry is doing well and where there is room to improve.

”The main focus of the panel is to make visitors understand the tremendous power and benefit of correctly design materials could have in a circular economy.” says Amit Paul ”Plastics is an incredibly versatile and flexible material. But with great flexibility comes great responsibility. Plastic products need to be designed in a responsible way to be sustainable.”

The panel is organised by SINF (the Swedish association for manufacturing industries). Other panel members are Leif Nilsson formerly Arla Plast and now the MD of Swedish Plastics Industry Association and Niclas Forsström CEO of Fristad Plast AB. It will be held at the annual Elmia Subcontractor fair in Jönköping at 14:00 on the big stage in Hall D, Thursday 14th of Nov.

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