Paxymer gets a seat at the table at Dioxin 2014

Paxymer participates in the Dioxin 2014 conference as a SME invite, one of 800 prominent participants. The objective of the conference is to accelerate substitution of halogenated persistent organic pollutants. The topic of halogen-free flame retardants are increasingly relevant due to recent prognosis of market growth of 7-9% until 2020.

Paxymer has been invited to participate in the Dioxin 2014 in Madrid. 800 prominent researchers from across the world are participating in the conference aiming to find pragmatic and efficient actions for prohibitions and limiting use of persistent organic pollutants. Paxymer will participate in a workshop organized by SwitchMED entitled “Sustainable production and Use”. Paxymer participates as an SME with experience of championing a green technology on the European market. The main objective of the workshop is to connect actors and find holistic and pragmatic actions for accelerating substitution of persistent materials for non-persistent technologies across sectors.

The topic is all the more relevant after a market survey published by Grand View Research in June 2014. Halogen-free alternatives are expected to grow with a CAGR of 7-9% until 2020 and become established as a major segment on the flame retardant market in commercial and volume terms. The development is expected to be driven by legislative initiatives initiated on global and national levels as well as the functional improvement of flame retardants and developments in fire standards incorporating for instance smoke toxicity parameters.

Paxymer will participate in a panel debate contributing input from a number of different socioeconomic actors including IPEN, UNEP, ISTAS and the research community. Paxymer will also present the poster “POPs free substitution of halogenated flame retardants as a base for more sustainable production and use.”