EPA takes action against brominated flame retardants

New studies show alarming reports of Brominated flame retardants effect on pregnant women. Higher concentrations of PBDEs was linked to greater difficulty of getting pregnant. Another study showed that children’s IQ had a relation to the level of PBDEs at birth.

Action taken against PBDEs 

The article describes the presence of Polybrominated diphenyl ethers or PBDEs in our every day life. How it was discovered and what their characteristics are. It gives an overview of which common products it was and is used in and how the PBDEs found their way into our bodies.

Recent studies are presented and the negative results reported gives a natural opening for the closing discussion about future handling and restrictions of the PBDEs.

The following quote shows that action against PBDEs are taken:

”And late last year the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced commitments by the two U.S. producers of PBDEs that they will end the production, import and sales of decaBDE for most uses by 2013.”

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Effects of chemicals in flame retardants

More on the same subject in this article which also has an interview with Julie Herbstman, from the Columbia University Center for Children’s Environmental Health in New York.

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