Flame retadant residue in sausage

Flame retardants were found in all swedish major brands of hot dogs. This is of particular interest during summer, when hot dogs are a common sight on grills. This might make you reconsider.

A study conducted by swedish Testfakta and published in SvD concluded that flame retardant residue have been found in sausage. 8 major brands were included in the study. This study concludes what the proponents of halogenated flame retardants have been neglecting, these substances bio accumulate. Even though levels were low the intake of these substances come from numerous sources and they will not leave you body. SvD states that research has affirmed that levels of flame retardants in the body have been proven dangerous.

This reaffirms the importance of quickly exchanging brominated and halogenated alternatives for more environmentally and health friendly alternatives. Paxymer is one such substance that does not contain any POP (persistent organic pollutants) or other classified substances. Even low levels of the substances are dangerous due to the accumulation. The exact health effects of combining low levels of many chemicals are unclear however researchers claim that the accumulation and combination is highly harmful, this is known as the cocktail effect.

(Source: SvD 20 june 2010)