Blog: GC3 Roundtables (2/4): Speak the language of the tribe

– Speak to the tribe in the language of the tribe
One of the other talking points that kept coming back was how to communicate and pitch green chemistry. For instance when talking to consumers regarding a natural derived food sweetener “Stevia extract” vs “Stevia leaf extract” – which one sounds healthier? Or the importance of addressing organisations in the organisations language. The C-suite of a company might be swayed by appealing to the business risk connected with not moving to more sustainable technology whereas an engineer might be motivated by new features in a more sustainable technology. For politicians that green chemistry and new technology might be a way to bring back manufacturing jobs to western economies. Whatever it is it is as important as ever to spell out the benefits to each stakeholder in your communication.
Green chemistry is no longer a fringe, obscure added value. It is becoming mainstream, something essential for creating the new world we need to create for ourselves. We at Paxymer have seen first hand how we met incredible interest 10 years ago – were included in all conceivable tests and evaluations but where the hazardous substances were selected due to familiarity and no urgent need for substitution. Fast forward to now to the ongoing shift where companies that are not working with sustainable technologies will simply not be allowed at the table. The attitude change – to prioritise sustainability as another performance criteria – of the last decade is quite astounding. Now that the industry is catching up – delivering products that perform as well as deliver sustainability – I see these next 10 years in the industry to be highly dynamic with vast opportunities to be captured by those companies that manage to fully integrate the mentality of the triple bottom line into the core of their company culture. Being able to shift from a singular focus on profitability to communicating and enacting added values to all stakeholders is an integral part in capturing these opportunities.
What is this?
Paxymer is a company working with halogen-free flame retardants. Paxymer is a member of the GC3 start up network and Amit Paul the managing director participated in the round tables (the networks main annual event) for the first time in 2017. This series of 4 blog posts are his reflections and take aways from the conference relating to halogen free flame retardants as well as green chemistry and the future of the chemistry industry in general.  To read the previous posts please press the link below.
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