Are you our new development engineer with process focus?

This position has been filled.

Paxymer is expanding and we need more talented people to keep driving innovation within halogen-free, flame retarded plastics.

Please find the ad attached. Applications are sent to including CV, Grades and Coverletter.

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Development engineer – with a focus on polymer processing

Do you dream of developing a product that will change the usability of green polymers in Europe?

Paxymer AB is searching for a highly driven and experienced engineer preferably with a background within polymer technology and polymer processing. Your role will be to develop the patented product PaxymerTM. Work tasks range from theoretical to practical and demand highly developed analytical skill and creativity.

The Challenge

With recent evidence of bio accumulating, hormone disrupting and carcinogenic substances in plastics, it is clear that new efficient solutions have to be developed. Paxymer is one solution that is based on a multi-mechanistic system already on the market. In order to meet future market demands further development and optimization is required.


  • · Optimization and development of extrusion process
  • · Production of PaxymerTM MB and compound
  • · Quality control, verification and analysis of product
  • · Plan, execute, interpret and understand experimental work for product development
  • · Project management including prioritization, time management and problem solving
  • · Customer support of plastic processing (e.g. blow moulding, injection moulding and extrusion) from a material perspective
  • · Plan and manage material flow and basic logistics


  • BSc (or higher) in Polymer technology
  • Relevant work-life experience (3 years)
  • Basic familiarity with analytical technics for polymer characterisation
  • Practical experience of polymer processing

Character traits:

  • · Curiosity – a personal drive to investigate and solve difficult material problems.
  • · Creativity – an ability to scientifically and pragmatically use known and new information to further research and development
  • · Drive, dedication and goal orientation
  • · A profound interest in and wide knowledge of chemistry
  • · A positive attitude and outlook on life

Other Requirements

  • The position will require customer interaction and limited travels
  • International work experience is a merit
  • Languages: 1) English – fluent 2) German, Italian and/or French is an asset
  • Offices located in Stockholm, Sweden


Company information

Paxymer is a green functional alternative developed as a holistic solution to the problems surrounding fire, taking safety, health and environment into account. It is a patented flame retardant system based on a multi-mechanistic technology with unique properties, a Swedish innovation that represents a paradigm shift in flame-retarded plastics.

Paxymer AB was established 2009 as a sister company to PP Polymer, the developing firm of the Paxymer patent. Paxymer and PP Polymer work closely together with the development and marketing of PaxymerTM. We have a strong environmental and health focus in our companies and we believe that there should be no contradiction between environment, health and functionality. PP Polymer was founded by Dr Swaraj Paul and has worked with sustainable development within the field of polymer science over the last 26 years, solving polymeric problems for companies in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. We are an IIP recognised organisation since 2001 and are Svensk Miljöbas (equivalent to ISO14001 for SMEs) certified since 1997. Paxymer and PP Polymer are privately owned family businesses based in Stockholm, Sweden.


For more information


Final application date 20th August

Please send your application, including CV, cover letter, grades and letters of recommendation to:


Paxymer AB

Box 191

SE-16212 Vällingby

Visiting address: Krossgatan 15



Amit Paul (MD Paxymer)

[before 26/7-2011]

+46 8 44 55 302

Ann-Christin Paul (Chairman Paxymer) [after 26/7-2011]

Tel: +46 8 44 55 301