Paxymer® “a big step closer to a sustainable society” states 3rd party audit

Patented halogen free flame retardant system for polyolefins Paxymer just scored excellent marks in an environmental Assessment performed by Jegrelius the Institute for Applied Green Chemistry in Sweden. After having been selected to participate in the unique project, the report addressing the chemical risks, environmental impact and a life cycle perspective strongly recommends Paxymer as a ‘green’ solution.

Over 20 firms have already been assessed according to the Jegrelius model, ranging from outdoor clothes to oil recycling and water purification. Jegrelius ambition is to critically examine and investigate products from a holistic risk perspective – and assess each product’s place in a sustainable society.

“The performed chemical assessment shows that the Paxymer® formula does not include any substances that could generate any risks for the environmental or for the human health.”

Jegrelius Institute writes as follows in their Environmental Assessment of Paxymer®: “In this report we provide, an assessment of the environmental performance of Paxymer AB’s product Paxymer®, an antimony and halogen free flame retardant for polyolefin plastic such as polypropylene and polyethylene. […] The assessed chemicals in the Paxymer® formula are much closer to sustainability compared to the market dominating groups of brominated and organophosphorus flame retardants that both includes a range of persistent, bioaccumulating and CMR compounds.”

The report also addresses other flame retardant solutions and states that out of over 70 different Brominated flame retardants “none could be used in a sustainable society”

“Our conclusion is that the product Paxymer® is an environmental sound and recommended substitute to brominated and organophosphorus flame retardants. Paxymer® has a good environmental performance in all three assessed perspectives; chemical, sustainability and during its life cycle.” states Jegrelius in their report.

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