Paxymer mention during AMI conference

Paxymer was mentioned during a talk on flame retardance during the annual Flame Retardance in Plastics conference hosted by AMI. Jim Innes looked into alternatives for flame retardance in plastics. 

We got a nice surprise after coming back from the Christmas downtime when one of our associates related the presentation from the AMI conference on flame retardance in plastics held in the middle of December. Paxymer got a lot of attention in Jim Innes presentation and review of current solutions on flame retardance in plastics.

Paxymer has a unique set of properties and it is nice when independent third parties prove these. Jim Innes verified our own test results of drastically reduced heat release rate and our unique non-dripping property. Proving the value of the multi mechanistic system.

I am excited to start off 2011 on a positive note and Paxymer being presented in such distinguished circumstances was a pleasant surprise.


/Amit Paul

Managing Director of Paxymer AB