Recommended green flame retardant extends its product range

Paxymer MB706 enables fully green building products for electronics. Paxymer MB706 achieved the highest “Recommended” status of its new grade in BVB – the swedish building goods declaration. Paxymer now has three different grades that all are thoroughly evaluated by independent third party. Paxymer is the first ever FR-system that was evaluated as “recommended” in BVB and now the range of recommended products are further extended with Paxymer MB706.

Paxymer has achieved the highest ”Recommended” status for their Paxymer MB706 formulation for PP. The registry is used by major contractors to ensure that their products include no toxic chemicals.

”Paxymer is the only flame retardant that is registered in this system as far as I know” says Amit Paul MD of Paxymer ”It is important to us to give manufacturers a clear signal that it is possible to improve the burning performance while utilizing green solutions in new buildings.”

Contractors have been forced to make exceptions for electrical and flame retarded products for years since there has been a lack of available options. With Paxymer’s initiative this is no longer necessary as the products live up to the high standards set by BVB.

Paxymer has three grades – all of them achieves the ”Recommended” status. Paxymer MB702 and MB706 for polypropylene and MB704 for polyethylene.

”We see that contractors are targeting these issues and with LEED, BREEAM certified buildings. Chemical contents of the raw materials is an important factor in these certifications and we at Paxymer have now enabled companies to improve their environmental footprint further” says Amit Paul.