Top 10 startups that might save the world

Paxymer just received critical acclaim in renowned Swedish paper Miljöaktuellt for its work within sustainable flame retardants. The newspaper put up a list of 10 startups that could save the world – fronting with Paxymer.

Find the article translated in Swedish below:

Makes a dime off flame retardants

Paxymer came in second in the Nordic Cleantech Open but the company did not grieve too much for the loss. The reason being that it found out that it just received phase one financing under Horizon2020. This gives way for expansion of its business as well as recruitment of new talent to make its usable and sustainable flame retardants.

– This allows us to start up our third generation of our line of products which will make the product more flexible and easier for producers to handle. It will also be usable in more plastic products on the market. says MD Amit Paul.”