Unexpected turn in the US against brominated flame retardants

Wal-mart has decided to move ahead of sluggish US legislation and remove all products containing PBDEs. This move could prove to be the end of the legislative standstill and to help overcome the bureaucratic deadlock that the EPA has been stuck in. 

The United States have long been dragging on the ban of brominated flame retardants even though legislators have recognized the danger of these substances. However in a move to try to improve the environments in millions of homes around the country Wal-mart announces that they will start testing for PBDEs in their good shortly.

Some states and companies have already taken action and installed prohibitions on these substances however Wal-mart is the first major player that fully commits to the cause and for the sole reason of safety too.

There are several studies during the last couple of years that have proven these substances to gradually increase in concentrations and the Environmental Health Fund talks about a ‘Pig Pen’-effect. Every time you touch something containing brominated flame retardants or sit on them etc. a littler rubs off and all these microscopic particles will stick with you and possibly enter your bloodstream. (Source: Washington Post)

PaxymerTM is a substance completely free from persistent chemicals who was lately also admitted into a UNEP program aimed at eliminating POPs and providing consumers and companies with enough information to make an informed choice. The Wal-mart development is of course more than welcome, we believe that these types of actions are exactly what is needed in order to bring about large scale change

Amit Paul

MD Paxymer AB