Paxymer gives lecture at COP-6: Good examples of POP substitution

Paxymer is invited to participate in the COP-6 of the Rotterdam convention held in Geneva on 2nd of May 2013. Amit Paul will give a speech on the opportunities and properties of Paxymer – the POPs-free alternative to halogenated flame retardants.

“There is really no reason to keep using the brominated flame retardants in most applications”  says Amit Paul, MD of Paxymer “This type of initiative and setting is very important for innovative solutions,
the competitive landscape is dominated by multinational companies. It is hard to find environmentally friendly alternatives unless you know where to look. It is really a privilege and an honour to have been invited.”

MD Amit Paul will introduce the Paxymer alternative, the benefits and case stories from successful substitution of POPs. The Mediterranean Regional Activity Centre (RAC) is hoping that good examples will motivate for legislative and commercial action in order to decrease the amount of persistent chemicals used around the Mediterranean Sea.

Paxymer is invited to participate in the sixth Conference of Parties (COP-6) of the Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions as well as the eleventh meeting of the Basel convention. The event is organized by the Secretariat and UNEP in Geneva between the 28th of Aril and 10th of May. A number of seminars and workshops on the subject of reducing the use of hazardous chemicals will be held throughout the conference and Paxymer will participate in one of them.

The objective of the Rotterdam convention is to promote shared responsibility and efforts to ban trade of certain banned substances that are potentially harmful to the environment and human health.  And
also contribute to promoting sound alternatives through facilitating information exchange between parties. It is active alongside the Stockholm convention on reduction and elimination of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and the Basel convention of transboundary movement of hazardous waste.