Paxymer receives green arrow and is recommended by ”Byggvarubedömningen”

Paxymer is the first flame retardant awarded with a green arrow and the status ”Recommended” among over 11,000 products for the construction industry which has been assessed by Byggvarubedömningen (BVB).

BVB is the common system for environmental assessment of building goods. A product can have the assessment: “Recommended”, “Accepted” or “Avoided”. A number of major building contractors and real estate managers are linked to the system e.g. Skanska, PEAB, Vasakronan, White Architects etc. (Scroll for more info about BVB). BVB is an important tool for selection of materials during building projects.

Two of Paxymers halogen-free flame retardant qualities of the 700 series have so far been audited and achieved the highest “Recommended” status. Criteria that have been assessed are packaging,
transportation, the manufacturing process as well as the chemical content of the product.

In other words a product that is flame retarded with Paxymer will be able to achieve the highest classification “Recommended” by BVB. Paxymers 700-series is appropriate in for instance pipes and injection molded electrical parts with Polypropylene and Polyethylene base.

What is Byggvarubedömningen – and where to find Paxymer ID
Byggvarubedömningen (BVB) is the common/joint system for environmental assessment of building goods in Sweden. A product receives the assessment: “Recommended”, “Accepted” or “Avoided”. All the major building contractors are linked to the system e.g. Skanska and PEAB. Also contractors, consultants, property owners are linked to the system. The main goal of the collaboration is to detoxify the building sector.

BVB is a system for proactive and systematic evaluation of products environmental impact. Chemical content and also aspects such as manufacturing, operation and recycling are important evaluation

Mia Torpe, Environment Manager at HSB (one of the larger associations for property owners in Sweden) says in an interview with BVB ”[…] endocrine disruptors or brominated flame retardants. Who wants them near their children? […] We know that one day the legislator will catch up. It happened with asbestos and freon. And it was very costly for the construction industry and employed enormous resources to clean up our buildings. ”

Paxymers BVB identification number is 52168, and the 52169. The products are classified under the BK04 – 01799, because flame-retardants does not have a class of their own in the system.

For more information on the assessment’s criteria and about how BVB handles endocrine disruptors in the assessment please visit (Swedish only).