Paxymer innovator Dr Swaraj Paul as Keynote Speaker on ChinaCoat

Dr Swaraj Paul is exclusively invited as Keynote speaker at the thirteenth Chinacoat conference and to the 20th anniversary of Chinacoat in Shanghai. Dr Paul be the keynote speaker at the Wood Coatings Chinacoat conference and will be presenting the Paxymer technology at the Tech Corner on the Chinacoat exhibition itself. 

This is not the first time dr Paul has been invited to China. In 2010 he was invited by the Chinese Government to talk to the Minister of Environment and Health about the risks of brominated and halogenated flame retardant systems as an expert under the supervision of KemI, the Swedish Chemical Agency.

Dr Pauls abstract:

”The basic mechanism controlling the fire resistance behavior of polymers will be reviewed with emphasis on the intumescent systems. Halogen based FR and their environmental impact will be critically assessed. Testing methods to evaluate fire resistant properties and their implications will be described for various applications. Due to the long term persistence and toxicity of halogen based FR, increasing pressure has been posed from regulatory authorities to develop halogen free FR systems and these new systems, including a new halogen free patented FR system, will be presented.”

China Coatings is the worlds number one coatings show. The show will be held on 18-20 november 2015 and the conference on 16-17th of november 2015.
Typically about 30.000 visitors on 56.000sq m will meet in Shanghai. There will be 7 exhibition halls with approximately 1000 exhibitors. Exhibiting raw materials technology and production of coatings, adhesives, measurement and testing equipment safety, health & environment and other services.


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