Paxymer on Twitter with LAUNCH and NASA

Paxymer (Sweden), Modti (Finland) and Pad Heaven (Kenya) from the LAUNCH Nordic Forum will be involved in a digital only event on Twitter and Periscope hosted by NASA astronaut Cady Coleman on the 3rd of November. Tune in to @Astro_Cady @LAUNCHorg, @LAUNCHNordic at 17:30 CET.

In 2015 LAUNCH Nordic received close to 100 innovations from 35 countries, covering six continents. Of these Paxymer was chosen as one of 10 selected innovations to participate in the LAUNCH Nordic accelerator phase. This accelerator phase starts with the LAUNCH Nordic Forum which is currently ongoing in Malmö. The Forum is a boiling pot of sustainable technology, co-creation and a global approaches to sustainability issues.

LAUNCH Nordic is a global innovation platform tackling sustainability challenges. It was founded in collaboration with LAUNCH – a strategic partnership between NIKE, NASA, The U.S. Department of State, and The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) – to accelerate innovation in sustainable materials and how they are made. The core partners behind LAUNCH Nordic are Nordic companies IKEA, Novozymes, and Kvadrat, together with Nordic Government Institutions. 

The three innovation that will participate in the twitter event are: 

Amit Paul – Paxymer ”The Paxymer technology achieves excellent material performance and fire safety without impacting processing properties or environment footprint” Twitter: @paxymer @amittweet

Shane H. Allen – Modti ”With the expansion of this technology, it allows potential for a closed loop product cycle – without the need to throw products away at all” Twitter: @Shane_H_Allen

Florence Kamaitha – Pad Heaven ”Conversion of banana stems to sanitary pads – Keeping girls in class one pad at a time” Twitter: @Kamaitha