Revision of standards in Europe

There has been a shift in focus towards more specified demands and more holistic measurements assuring that the safety of the product is increased rather than only fulfilling a UL94-V0 as regard to flame retardant requirements in Europe.

It is apparent that focus has shifted towards issues of smoke release and composition, dripping and heat release rate as well as extinguishing, instead of only focusing on if the material passes V0 or not. Additionally we notice that halogen free flame retardants are asked for.

We at Paxymer has seen a rush of development projects over the last couple of months and that is most likely due to the increasing revision of standards in Europe. The single minded focus on V0 materials is no longer relevant. And the discussion about use of persistent chemicals have our customers stressing the fact of halogen free solutions.

Our 300 and 700 series meet the requirements mentioned above of smoke release, dripping and extinguishing as well as non toxicity.