Update from the MD Sep2012


It has been silent on the page for a while. That is however not something to be interpreted as us being idle, actually it is quite the opposite.

 Paxymer has seen a rush of development projects over the last couple of months and that is most likely due to the increasing revision of standards in Europe. The single minded focus on V0 materials is no longer relevant – a flame retardant is not fully functional if it cannot address issues of smoke release and composition, dripping and heat release rate as well as extinguishing. And of course it needs to be halogen free. 

We are involved with our new developments in several projects concerning PE. We have also recently gotten a receipt on that our products work well in film blowing applications as well as in sheet extrusion processes.

Our portfolio is currently structured on two series:

300-series: to be used together with ATH or MDH as a synergist or booster of FR and mechanical properties.

700-seris: to be used as a stand-alone product to achieve extinguishing behavior.

We are also preparing to put two new grades on the market – both in the 700-series, both more efficient than our current products for their respective applications.

In addition we are working hard with our green profile to further decrease our environmental impact by becoming more efficient and implementing lean concepts in production and product development. All in order to be able to provide you with better service in the future.

If this sounds interesting to you or if you have any questions about how we can address your issues with flame retardants please get in touch: amit.paul[at]paxymer.se


Best regards

Amit Paul

MD Paxymer